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Quiet, unassuming until an animal is involved. I hate liars and evildoers.

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Retired high school teacher; animal activist and rescuer - unabashed lover of dogs in particular- actor.I believe in zero population growth and the need for worldwide, on demand birth control of the human species. I believe that any war sucks, but I will stand behind all those that are protecting this country by whatever means. After 30+ years in teaching, there needs to be more enforced discipline and not always by the teachers; parents need to realize that once you have the kid(s), it isn't MY right to raise them for you, nor have to teach them basic manners and decency.ADHD and ADD are mostly just euphemisms for "LOPD" - lack of parental discipline and another way to lay kids' screw-ups off on someone else. Psychologist John Rosemond ought to be consulted before anyone is allowed to reproduce. I believe we're too "politically correct" a spade a spade, an idiot and idiot. Judges need to live closer to the murderers and rapists they routinely release. Animal abusers and those guilty of neglect deserve the same penalty as those who abuse and neglect kids.